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The Granville Garden Club


Welcome to the Granville Garden Club

Thank you for your interest in the Granville Garden Club. Due to COVID-19, our meetings and events are currently on hold. Gardens never stop growing and adapting to current conditions: We hope you are finding ways to adapt to the pandemic and are discovering new ways to thrive.


The Granville Garden Club nurtures a love and knowledge of gardens and civic pride in our community. Since 1931, we have been bringing beauty to our corner of the world through local projects, including the crosswalk flower beds; the medians on Broadway; gardens at the Robbins Hunter Museum and the Bryn Du Mansion; pollinator habitats on Route 16/37; and our annual gift to our friends and neighbors, the Daffodil Show.


We hold free events and programs each month about gardens, landscapes, native trees, plants, and birds, and civic beautification, to name some of our fascinating topics. Join us — you can get dirt on your hands, or just enjoy fellowship as we bring color and life to the people and gardens of Granville.



A view of two GGC member's gardens. Courtesy of Rose Wingert and Don Hunter.